ADF STEM Careers

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Australian Defence Force utilizes STEM in all facets of its Career paths. They are at the forefront of technology using equipment that is far superior and advanced to most industries. All of the careers listed below require qualification in STEM areas of study. Degrees in Science, Engineering, IT and Diploma and Certificate IV level studies in Science, Engineering, Mathematics and Technology.

  Aviation: Healthcare and Science
    Pilot   Medical Officer
    Aerospace Engineer   Dental Assistant
    Electronic Aurcraft Engineer Officer   Medical Sailor
    Maritime Aviation Warfare Officer    
    Aviation Technician Avionics Logistics:
        Maritime Logistics Officer
  Communication, IT and Intelligence:   Maritime Trade Operations
    Maritime Warfare Officer Submarines   Meteorology and Oceanography Officer
    Acoustic Warfare Analyst    
    Combat Systems Operator Engineering:
    Communications and Information Systems   Aerospace Engineer
    Cryptologic Systems   Aeronautical Engineer
    Electronic Warfare Submariner   Electronics Aircraft Engineer
    Hydrographic Surveying   Marine Engineering Officer
        Electronics Technician
        Marine Technician
  Aviation: Engineering:
    Aviation Corps Officer (Pilot)   Electrical/Mechatronic Engineer
    Aviation Engineer   Aerospace Engineer Aeronautical/ Avionics / Software
    Aircraft Life Support Fitter   Civil Engineer
    Aircraft Structural Fitter   Mechanical Engineer
    Aircraft Technician    
    Avionics Technician Healthcare and Science:
  Communication, IT and Intelligence:   Environmental Health Officer
    Intelligence Corp Officer   Medical Officer
Signals Corp Officer
  Nursing Officer
Artillery Command Support Operator
  Pharmaceutical Officer
Communication Systems Operator
    Analyst Intelligence Operations   Physiotherapist
    Electronic Warfare Operator   Psychologist
    Geospatial Technician   Scientific Officer (Pathology Scientist, Research Scientist)
    Information System Technician   Preventative Medicine
    Multimedia Technician   Dental Assistant
    Telecommunications Technician   Medical Technician
        Combat Paramedic
  Combat and Security:  
    Combat Engineer Trades:
    Artillery Officer   Carpenter
    Surveillance Aircraft Operator   Electrician
      Fitter Armament
        Technical electrician
        Vehicle Mechanic
        Telecommunications Technician
  Aviation: Healthcare and Science:
    Air Combat Officer   Dental Assistant
    Air Traffic Controller   Medical Assistant
    Airborne Electronic Analyst   Laboratory Technician
    Air force Pilot  
  Combat and Security:   Aircraft Structural Technician
    Air Intelligence Analyst   Fitter and Turner
    Air Surveillance Operator   Motor Mechanic
        Aircraft Armament Technician
  Combat and Security:   Carpenter
    Air Intelligence Analyst   Plant Operator
    Air Surveillance Operator   Plumber
    Aerospace engineering Officer    
    Airfield engineering Officer